ATTITUDE: The New Subversive Political Cartoonists is a new 128-page compilation of alternative political cartoonists working in the United States.

Edited by Ted Rall, ATTITUDE is the first attempt to present the 21 artists whose work epitomizes alternative-weekly political cartooning in a single venue. ATTITUDE includes cartoons by: Tom Tomorrow, Peter Kuper, Ruben Bolling, Lloyd Dangle, Andy Singer, Don Asmussen, Clay Butler, Jen Sorensen, Scott Bateman, Tim Eagan, Derf, Lalo Alacaraz, Joe Sharpnack, Eric Bezdek, William L. Brown, Ward Sutton, Stephanie McMillan, Mickey Siporin, Jim Siergey, Ted Rall and Matt Wuerker. In addition, Rall interviewed each artist and asked them to submit ephemera from their personal lives.

It is published by NBM Publishing and is available in bookstores for $13.95. The ISBN# is 1-5616-3317-8

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