CARtoons is a 100 page book published by Car Busters Press. It looks at the negative impact of automobiles on American Society and the world. It features over 88 of my cartoons and illustrations as well as AUTObiographical essays, facts, quotations, resources and a foreword by Jane Holtz Kay (author of Asphalt Nation).

The book's images may be freely reproduced for the non-profit use of individuals or groups fighting cars. For this purpose, it comes with an optional CD-ROM containing all of the images in the book (plus over 70 newer ones) in 600 dpi, TIF format.

I am out of this book but you may still be able to find used copies on the web. Check back as I may get some more printed up ...and email me if you're interested in purchasing 50 or more copies, in which case I'll definitely print some more.

The French and Portuguese editions are still available. Follow the links below.

For further information, contact me
CARtoons is now also available in a beautiful, expanded FRENCH translation from Éditions L'Échappée. You can order it from"AMAZON.FR

...And CARtoons is available in Portuguese with full color covers, new cartoons, a new introduction by Daniel Santini, and a new index of Brazilian bicycle, pedestrian and alternative transportation groups. You can order it directly from the publisher Autonomia Literária at"